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  • Avalon

    Avalon is the 7th Sea counterpart to Great Britain. "Here's a map":http://www.tlucretius.net/7thSea/Maps/Map_Avalon.htm you may find useful. back to [[Locations | Locations]]

  • Sir Richard Logan

    Avalon adventurer and member of the Explorer's Society Richard Logan was born as the result of a bet, yes a bet, but not a bet between ordinary men, no it was a bet between a few Sidhe, members of the Goodly Folk.They had determined that whoever would …

  • Charles Baxter

    Sir Charles Baxter is the Aide to the[[Avalon | Avalonian]] vice-ambassador in [[Paix | Paix]]. Married to [[:elisabeth-baxter | Elisabeth Baxter]].

  • Elisabeth Baxter

    Wife of [[:charles-baxter | Charles Baxter]]. She hosted the entertainment for the unmarried young ladies at [[Garden Party | Queen Elaine's Jubilee]].

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