Don Salvador Gallegos de Orduno


Don Salvador is a man of average build, he has a roguish smile and keeps his black hair at slightly above shoulder length and in a ponytail, he carefully maintains his moustache and typically wears high quality but practical clothing, preferring black, with elements of red, white and yellow.


a Castille nobleman, currently busy with his own affairs on his estate and not travelling with the group

Don Salvador Gallegos de Orduno was born into not one but two of the mayor noble families of Castille, he was only the second son of his parents but even so he his future looked bright. He was educated at the best schools and universities of Castille and was given a small village to govern as his own at the age of 18.
But he had inherited something else as well, he was a throwback to the days of the ancient Kings of Castille and his blood burned with the power of El Fuego Adentro. Due to his sheltered life this was not discovered, and even he only realized it when he stumbled and fell right into his campfire on a lonely ride though the mountains at the age of 21. He jumped up out of the fire and ran to a nearby stream hoping to douse the fire, and only realized that he never burned after he plunged headfirst into the stream. Realizing what this meant he knew that he would not be able to hide his tainted blood forever.
He thought about his options, he could come forward and subject himself to the cleansing of the inquisition, but he feared repercussions for his family, or he could get as far from the Inquisition as possible. He decided on the latter, leaving his estate in the hands of his younger sister he set out for a grand adventure, as he called it when explaining his plans to his family. They approved, seeing the world could only aid him in his future, and so he went with their blessing. He travelled north at first, hoping to leave the lands where the Vaticine church and thus the Inquisition held sway. To his dismay he discovered that the troubled lands to the north could not really provide him with safety, and the northern climate didn’t really agree with him either.
That was when he first thought about visiting the colonies in the Midnight Archipelago, they were far from Castille, and people said that the church had yet to bring the word of Theus to the heathens there, and that a man could easily disappear among the myriad islands. Being an Orduno he had been groomed for seamanship from an early age and had no trouble finding a captain willing to take him to the Archipelago, His original plans involved going to one of the smaller colonies, but after reaching Marcina, the first port the ship reached, and by far the largest in the Archipelago, he got stuck.
The young noble didn’t really want to leave civilization behind, and while Porto Grande didn’t have that many nobles, there were enough for the occasional party or other social gathering. He quickly worked his way into the good grazes of the new governor and got a position as a liaison to foreign visitors of status because of his knowledge of other languages. Life was once again good for him. He began to develop some of his abilities during this time focusing on the ability to put out fires instead of the one to control or enlarge them. As a man of the sea he knew the dangers fire presented to a ship and thought that by using his powers in this way he might even eventually find acceptance despite of his heritage.
Being a man of the sea at heart is also what made him attach himself to the Captain and the owner of the latest ship he served as a liaison for, he struck up a friendship with the two men during a hunting expedition into the jungle of Marcina.. Now he serves aboard their vessel and is discussing buying himself in with them, since the maintenance of a ship is an expensive thing and only one of the two men is of noble blood and has the necessary resources, another partner seems to be a good idea. Even if he should remain just a passenger he is happy to be back on the “Road”,.

He knows that he is in constant danger, and thus has developed a happy go lucky attitude to life, always delighting in small pranks.
When he or those he considers his friends are in danger though he changes, becoming dead serious.

Don Salvador Gallegos de Orduno

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