Enrico Lucani

A well build broad shouldered man in his late thirties, he keeps his coal black hair at shoulder length and his beard neatly trimmed in the handlebar style.


Enrico Lucani is a member of the Inquisition and has had a few run-ins with the group already. Logan saw him in Paix shortly after the group arrived there.

Lucani is a Knight Inquisitor from Vodacce first encountered by the group during an earlier adventure in Luthon, one of Avalon’s major cities and later during an altercation in Castille.

While Lucani has no special love for the group as a whole or Logan in particular he has his own code of honour and has at one time let the group go after being presented with evidence that the crimes he hunted them for where actually comitted by someone else.

A skilled fighter, fighting in the Vodacce Lucani Style, he has shown grudging respect for the abilities of some members of the group and Logan in particular.

Enrico Lucani

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