7th Sea: Far From Home

Dear Isabel,

I’m not going to send this letter, hopefully we will see each other soon. But writing to you has become an important part of my day, so I’ll continue with it and give you the letter in person.

We had a few rather uneventful days before the Montaigne embassy celebrated L’Empereur’s birthday with a three day festival. We all did well during the festival, I think. At least there were no more éclats and no-one had to fight a duel. The second day of the festival was devoted to an elaborate game that involved spotting the ‘traitors’ in a given group – or remain undetected if you happened to be a traitor. Which I was rather often, not that I did not enjoy it. I managed to stay in the game until the very last round, to the displeasure of several noblemen and -women who did not take kindly to losing to a commoner. Raphael Nunez also remained in the game. Either he is much more cunning than he seems or someone had done a lot of work to get him there. I’m still not sure about him. In any case, I was one of the traitors and Raphael played for the loyal group. Since it was obviously important to someone that Raphael wins, I made a few crucial mistakes, although I am reasonably sure that it could not easily be traced back to me. And now Raphael and his group have won, among other things, an audience with L’Empereur. It might have been the wrong decision, since I do not know who protects Raphael and what his purpose is, but there is no way to play spy games without risk.

On the evening before, Ramon and Alain received letters from Eisen and it seems that both Alain’s wife and Ramon’s fiancée Maike will join us in Paix. Ramon is less then enthusiastic about this and I can see why. His little dalliance with Esmeralda has unleashed a flurry of rumours and those will be awkward to explain, to say the least. He also fears that Maike will become a liability. I don’t know her enough to really judge that, but if he continues to keep her ignorant about what he is doing, it is bound to happen, I am sure. Rumours and intrigues are the preferred weapons in Paix, even more so in Charouse, and I certainly would consider using Maike against Ramon, if I intended to harm him. Which would become that much harder if they trust each other, but I am not sure they do.

But it will be a while yet before they arrive, we should already be back from Castille by then. I keep myself busy with preparations and with building friendships or rather alliances with certain people here in Paix, but I much rather would simply leave right now.




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